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Time travel history, what caused the Islamic migration?

Discussion in 'History' started by creedo299, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. creedo299

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    Jan 26, 2002
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    This thread because the topic covers two areas, one is the say from the said time travel John Titor's analysis of what happened in the future after Titor and what were conditions like that did not have an all out war, is what had caused the Islamic migration?

    This area is mentioned in discussions of alternate pairing time lines.This situation to where as said in the future during these discussions, that terrorism would still probably be a problem to come. Additional to this supposition on projected terrorism as being a part of the fabric of tomorrow, that the belief of Islam in the future tense, would become one of the worlds largest belief systems.

    First over' however it seems that if one goes to a map of Africa along with other nations in the world, you see this movement of Islamic sects of many differing types all going to Europe as well as in many cases successfully migrating into the United States and Canada.

    In the exploring of what this projected population in migration filed looks like, or appears in a demographic, the question begs, " Was the migration of Islamics into Europe, as well as other destinations a movement that was planned, ..or was this migration a movement to where a better life was sought after, in the overall composition of these people traveling from one area to another?

    This past discussion in character on the John Titor world-lines theories, was more of a predictive stance, from a lady who was privy to this board, had probably by he own saying, had been acquainted with said John Titor.

    So in a finial mathematical analysis, we can describe this character of knowing, as being time travel parallel occurrences, of their being a time traveler known as John Titor, because the John Titor time travel parallax, or many differing time line planes of probable existence of there being a John Titor, can never truly be disproven.

    As of late in a recently posted predictions thread, a poster said that conditions parallel or similar to past Nazi Germany will enact a near same result within this time current society. The problem is then, as opposed to now, that this was this vast Islamic migration that had occurred via many differing countries into the conversation field of probability, of play.

    So again, it is asked,..what was the motivation of the migration and was this planned as an operation in the military sense? Or was this movement based on past migrations which occurred at certain times and what are the actions along with character of this in part moving ethnicity sect movement? Source past Migrations link Google

    The question can be better answered now, as there are better tracking of this movement along with was this migration even in any way, really an evil thing to do at all?

    *Please remember to be polite and curt with your replays, what we are collectively after, is how in some way this migration could have effected history, not only to our timeline, but to a projected John Titor also.

    EXAMPLES I took a trip to Norway to where upon returning to my departure point, I had taken a taxi to the airport.The man driving the taxi was a newly immigrated Iranian, who was a very pleasant fellow. Although Islamic in his beliefs, he had opened up the conversation to his family and told me in a liberal way, how they were all doing now.Nothing about this fellow was stiff, but on the contrary.He was a pleasure to talk to.
    2. I had encountered a vacuum salesman that was of recent African extraction and it seemed, very well versed on social couch, of how to talk with Americans.I would also classify him as pleasant and nonthreatening.I shook his hand and smiled.

    So the nature of these migrations may not all be associated within the figurative as maliferous with dire military terrorist intentions.This information, is some way, may affect our oncoming futures.

    *To master of postings, please feel free to place and categorize this asking post, to where you feel it would do the best showing and advantage.Thank you very much
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    Islam is a new religion and as such may be following the same pattern as many other new groups of faithful folks? George Washington once warned us to avoid foreign entanglements, and it may be that we failed to heed the warning. As you walk on the path of life it may help for you not to whack at the hornets nest. Or as my dearly departed mother once said: "If the shit don't stink Don't stir". In the last point you express how pleasant you found immigrants to be toward you, and I understand your view, however there is a point of critical mass that will have a profound change in behaviors of a group verse the individual. Once again I ask that people study their respective history as a way to better understand human nature, or suffer the consequences.
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